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Discover the difference between relationship coaching offered by Dr. Glen versus traditional relationship counseling, marriage counseling and couples therapy that is typically provided in regular sessions. Dr. Glen discusses being more emotionally intelligent when it comes to your feelings and to use it as a guide for what to do in your relationships moving forward. The discussion also goes over his new book "Upside Down." 


Understand how the pleasure sensors in your brain react to toxic relationships in your life! By knowing the "Vicious 3T Cycle" of Trauma, Toxicity and Triggers, it can help you in your pursuit of a healthy relationship. Dr. Glen also goes over how the pleasure sensors in your brain function, and how if used properly, can save you time, money and energy from years of ineffective traditional relationship counseling. Dr. Glen breaks down how he uses the pleasure sensors of clients in his relationship coaching practice. 

The nervous system is not only used for survival in your life, but it is also a part of your relationship dynamics. The fight, flight and flee response that is used in life-or-death situations, also triggers during emotional turmoil during your relationships. Learn the difference between how rationalizing is used in traditional relationship and couples counseling versus how honoring your nervous system response in relationship coaching with Dr. Glen is done.

Dr. Glen discusses how strong emotions that transcend your ability to rationalize are not irrational at all, but actual signposts to emotional healing. He goes over the 3 basic guided emotions that help you heal, which are: Fear, Anger and Indecision. Dr. Glen goes over how he helped a client use their emotional triggers to find healing in their intimate relationship.

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