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On average, Individuals and couples will go to relationship counseling for 10 years, spend between $38,000-$48,000 and still end up miserable.

In what other area of life would you be willing to pay thousands of dollars for something that is only about 30% effective? 

This was the struggle that I had with my own marriage. It was crazy to me that when I ran into my own marital issues, I began to understand how ineffective relationship counseling was. The question I had was, “Where do I go to get help when the professionals do not even have the solutions?” This is the crazier part, I have been a professor for over 10 years and a clinical psychologist for over 20 years, and I should have had every piece of information to be able to make my marriage work.

281 books that I have read on relationships, but still no real direction

This was when I decided to question the whole relationship counseling approach. The reality is that relationships are complicated, but we make it simple. 

i have coached 500+ people to relationship success

Can I be honest for just a second? I have the best life! I am privileged and honored to have helped over 500 people find and create healthy relationships. Through this process, I have also become the best version of myself.

A Relationship coaching PROGRAM that actually works

I can't promise you that I will save your marriage, but I will give you the tools to succeed. Not all marriages can or should be saved. What I can promise you is through my system, you will learn the foundation of a good marriage, improve your love life and create better relationships through the 12 Week Relationships Institute.

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